Family Law

Family law includes several types of cases. There are cases of divorce, legal separation, child support, and child custody. In all of these types of cases, there are contested cases and there are uncontested cases. Essentially, where people agree about what should happen and where they do not agree. An uncontested divorce is easier, faster, and cheaper than a contested divorce. Our office will always encourage our clients to seek an uncontested divorce before we get into a contested fight.

Contested vs. Uncontested

Uncontested divorces are more simple because it does not require the court to make any decisions about property of children. Essentially, the court simply approves the decisions made by the divorcing parties. That means fewer hearings, less preparation time, and less legal fees. In order to have an uncontested divorce, parties must be able to agree about how property will be divided and how child custody will be arranged. A divorce lawyer can draft all the required documents for the court to sign, file the documents, and make sure they get signed.

If a divorce is contested, it is very good idea for you to have an attorney. Otherwise, you can lose more property than you should and you may also lose custody of children and be ordered to pay higher support payments than you feel able to. During a contested divorce, a divorce attorney will show the judge the best way to split the property so that you can still get a fair outcome. He will also show the judge that it is in the children’s best interest to be with you, or if not, he will show the judge the proper amount of support you should be expected to pay.


Our office bills for uncontested divorces on a flat fee basis, charging $500 for the entire service. For contested divorces, we bill hourly at $200 an hour. It is difficult to bill contested divorces on a flat fee system because it is not easy to tell how much time they will take, mostly because it depends largely on the cooperation of the parties.

Free Consultations

Our office offers free consultations for family law questions.